Tuesday, July 16, 2013

He returns to Texas Tech more than a decade after capping his sterling college career. He left Lubbock in 2002 with 39 school, 13 conference and seven NCAA passing records, including single-game completion percentage and career completions. It's not a stretch to say that Kingsbury, along with Leach, helped put this program on the map in the Big 12 at the turn of century. How dear a spot does Kingsbury hold in the hearts and minds of this fan base? I can't even begin to explain. But one word of caution: Kingsbury has been an assistant only three years, a head coach for none, and like a five-star freshman will be learning on the job.
I know many fans believe that this is wrong and that every analyst hates Texas Tech, but sometimes realization has to sweep over the South Plains. Though we could have one the best coaching staffs in due time, our coaching staff is just about unproven as our players with the exception of our head coach. We see guys like Jason Kidd talk about the transition from player to coach, and how he's taking a back seat to things right now in order to learn the ways to run the show. Yes, Kliff has been an assistant, and a great one at that, but even he himself has attested to the challenges of running a football team mixed with being an boss. Fans really have unprecedent in our new staff. Many believe that these coaches can "will" us to 8+ victories this season, but I always been preaching that at the end of the day, it is the players who need to have the accountability and dependability. A coaching staff can only do so much. No matter how great the scheme is, or how motivating the staff is for these kids, at the end of the day if our linebackers can't hold on to ball carriers or our o-line is getting out manned on the line of scrimmage, you can't blame the coaching.

Where We Fall short | Let's look at the facts. Our O line is unproven, and there is very little chance that we see a freshman come in and make that much of difference even if they have the size.  Running that uptempo offense is going to require some solid reserves though. I do believe Hayes and his assistants will coach these guys up to the best of their ability, but will that be enough? As much as we want to say that Brewer is the great next thing, I have to agree with Ubben that it's a bad sign as Brewer still hasn't drastically beat out Webb for the starting role. Now it could all be a ploy by Kliff to keep guys working hard, and staying competitive because he takes so much pride in his position, but in the same breathe, I've heard many locker room guys speak highly of Webb. I would say to a point where if they were to pick a starter, it wouldn't be a clear decision. Outside of Eric Ward, Grant, and maybe Amaro, I think this WR core is still unproven. There were way too many drop balls in the spring, and that could have been under the light jeeters, but that can't be an excuse in the coming weeks. SMU could be a cake walk, but then again, it could be something a little more.

Defensively with the loss of Chris Payne due to grades, we find the coaching doing another carousel of player movement. I like the fact that these guys are being coachable and doing what is best for the team and the scheme. I know some players like Bullit have been asked to gain weight, and still be effective so everyone on this team is stepping up. Also, Austin Stewart has come down to the linebacker position. The only problem I have with Stewart is his commitment to his grades and the film room has been. Our linebacker core is small that's for sure, so we'll see if these guys can play like Chris Payne, which is, play with so much heart that it covers what they are missing in size. I do think Tuberville had the right idea by going smaller to get faster, but that was very simplest idea from an SEC minded coach.

The DB cores seems to be intact as far as positions are minus the boundary corner back position, which seems to be up for grabs. I honestly think Felemi was the best out of a depth chart that lacked any real candidates, so I expect the competition to wide open from now to conference play with the addition of the freshman, and JUCO players.

2013 Schedule 
Aug. 31 - at SMU W
Sept. 7 - Stephen F. Austin W
Sept. 14 - *TCU L
Sept. 21 - Texas State W
Sept. 28 - BYE 
Oct. 5 - at *Kansas W
Oct. 12 - *Iowa State W
Oct. 19 - at *West Virginia W
Oct. 26 - at *Oklahoma L
Nov. 2 - *Oklahoma State L
Nov. 9 - *Kansas State W
Nov. 16 - vs. *Baylor L
Nov. 23 - BYE 
Nov. 28 - at *Texas L
Dec. 7 - BYE 

*I'm looking at 7 should wins, but if you add a game they  may lose and a game they will be an upset, it comes to about 7 wins. 

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