Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Morning News Post!! Coming later in the afternoon will be the secondary write-up. Zac may be tackling quaterbacks when he gets off work. I wanted to check on the older guys and see how things were going in the NFL.
MORNING NEWS | Chris Level talks about our former starting quaterback, Seth Doege, who may be working his way into the two-deep with the Atlanta Falcons. I think Seth Doege received a lot of the blame for a vanilla play-call last year that cost us more than one game towards the end of the season, and people doubted that he was an NFL quaterback. More than one scouting report said he lacked the arm to play on the next level, and that may have been the key reason he went undrafted. I was able to talk to Seth for a quick second at the Spring Game. I personally think he was very good quaterback. I believe early in this coming season, fans will miss Seth and his leadership. Not to say anything negative about Brewer or Webb, I like both of them, but there will be growing pains for whomever is the starter.
Cody Davis | While we are talking about Texas Tech guys on the next level, you guys make sure you check out Cody Davis's Student of The Game Blog. He is the reason I started my blog a year ago, and he has some great stories for the stars of  the future. We all know Cody played safety for us last year. He had an amazing career during his tenure at Tech, and now he is with the Rams. 
ESPN | Ubben ESPN is considering Texas Tech and Baylor as two teams that could really make some noise in 2014. It's funny to me because I consider this to be one of those "not to offend you" type of deals. He's basically writing off Texas Tech for 2013, but expects in year two of the bromance for Tech to make some noise. Still not win the Big 12, but make some noise.  What do you think? Also he has a Big 12 ranking with Texas on top. Not surprising. 
 I expect Year 1 to be pretty average for the Red Raiders, but in Year 2 for Michael Brewer in Kingsbury's fast-paced offense, we could see him blossom into a star. When you've got a game-changer at quarterback, you're simply going to win a whole lot of games in the Big 12.  

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  1. that was a rough morning post. a lot of mistakes on my part! it will continue to be some growing pains, but the morning post will get better.